"You were so professional and organized from the start. From those initial emails and phone calls, all the way through to the trip to Kenya, to the editing process upon our return, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. It was especially wonderful how well you connected with the women and the students. Not only did this make for better filming, but it really will make a big impact in our relationship with them in the future. Thank you for all your sensitivity, and your genuine desire to make everyone feel comfortable. As a small business, your organization and follow through were so appreciated. Thank you again." 

 - Sarah Holby, Founder and Director of Ajiri Tea Foundation

"Francesca is an absolute pleasure to work with – professional, hardworking, passionate, and dedicated. She has demonstrated an incredible capacity to highlight our work with women survivors of war and has travelled to our programme in Rwanda. Francesca has an amazing ability to capture the heart of our work as an organisation and her compassionate approach ensures that the content is powerful and authentic. We have been so fortunate to be able to highlight her fantastic photographs and videos on all of our digital channels and cannot thank her enough for the amazing contribution she has made to our mission as whole. Thank you so much again, Francesca!"

- Paulina Stachnik, Digital Marketing Officer, Women for Women International

"Working with Francesca was such a fantastic experience. The photos she gave us are breathtaking, and the videos of our health workers are not only beautifully done but also give a unique look at these women’s lives and their stories. It takes a true talent to capture those stories with such respect and honesty. Working in our communities can be challenging, and Francesca was flexible and open to whatever came her way. Truly, it was a pleasure to work with her, from start to finish, and I hope our paths cross again in the future!"

- Jenny Jordan, Programmes Manager, Sacred Valley Health

"SafeHands for Mothers is a small and very creative charity.  Francesca and I worked closely together, and she dealt with a creative approach to SafeHands for Mothers’ media. She also met with clients for film projects, providing concept development and producing excellent action points for production purposes. Francesca is intelligent, personable and always ready to go the extra mile." 

- Nancy Durrell McKenna, Founder and Director of SafeHands for Mothers 

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